What We Can Learn From The Biggest Christmas Adverts Of 2022?

What We Can Learn From The Biggest Christmas Adverts Of 2022?

November 29, 2022

Most big brands have now released their 2022 Christmas ads and, just like every year, they’ve been the talk of the town on social media. But how have these ads evolved with the digital age and what can we, as marketers, learn from these campaigns?

Everyone looks forward to seeing the new John Lewis Christmas advert, and it seems that year after year all the big UK brands and charities look to up their game and budget for their Christmas campaigns. Last year's John Lewis ad had over 3 million views on Youtube!

Why and how are they using social media?

This year, John Lewis have been sharing teasers for their ads in the leadup to its release on TikTok – THE platform now used for viral videos! In the space of a few days, the full video ad on TikTok has amassed over 3.5 million views, more than their 2021 ad on Youtube - which has been out for a whole year. If this isn’t symbolic of the rise of Tiktok, we don’t know what is!

@johnlewis It’s the things we do that mean the most. 🛹 #TheBeginner ♬ original sound - John Lewis

With e-commerce accounting for up to 30% of sales in the UK last year, brands simply have to be online these days. Asda’s 2022 ad (featuring none other than Elf!) has created a real buzz around their Christmas products and has definitely increased their brand awareness.

This rise of digital advertising means that ads aren’t only targeting the few people who still watch TV, but also online shoppers. The important thing is to create a memorable viewing experience for the consumer so that they associate positive emotions with that brand. That can be by using an iconic Christmas character, like Elf, or by tugging our heartstrings with the story of a family trying to adopt.

Escalating these campaigns from the traditional marketing platform of television to social media has been essential for these brands’ strategies. Awareness and interest has grown as thousands of people tweet and meme about the ads each year.

These Christmas ads have highlighted the importance of User Generated Content (UGC) through people’s reactions, memes, reviews, and more. So our top tip would be to try building up engagement and create touching content to help build your brand community.