Sunshine’s Little Black Book of Marketing Resources

Sunshine’s Little Black Book of Marketing Resources

May 30, 2023

Digital marketing is a relentless, but very sexy, beast. Just when you think you’ve got on top of your strategy, a new update or platform appears and turns your world upside down. And no, we’re not being dramatic!

Here’s our list of go-to apps and platforms that can take the sting out of socials and have you publishing super professional and engaging content that, alongside a well-thought-out strategy, will elevate your marketing game.

Graphic Design & Video Editing

Canva has been the Chat CPT of the graphic design world for years and, while our designers are all still “aliving and thriving” in the Sunshine office, it’s a platform that has definitely earned its place on this list. Ideal for non-designers, it has everything you need to create delicious templates for social, email, or even print assets!

Inshot is a video editor that has been around for a while, but they’re always building new features to keep up with the demands of the social media gods. We especially love its voiceover capabilities, because the process on TikTok and Instagram can be frustrating at times.

Unfold and SCRL are both jam-packed with beautiful templates that you can easily drop images and videos into for professional looking posts, stories and even reels. Thumbs up!

Unsplash and Pexels are both great resources for finding rights-free images and videos when your own pictures are just not working.


Asana, Trello, and Monday are all project management tools that work brilliantly to keep track of larger teams and collaborative projects. But individuals and small businesses can also use the boards to effectively plan, plot, and bank content ideas.

Where would we be without schedulers?! The ‘juggle’ is real when it comes to running a business, so we recommend taking 2-3 days a month to focus on writing copy and designing visuals before scheduling them and letting these programmes take care of the rest. There’s no better feeling! Try Later or Planoly to see which platform you like best.


The Guardian Style Guide is a bit like having your English teacher on speed dial. Which is kind of a good thing when you’re writing for the masses.

And hands up who has ever spent an inordinate amount of time searching for the emoji you KNOW exists, but is intent on making you work for its presence? 🙋Emojipedia has you covered! You’re welcome.

SEO & Analytics

Google Analytics and Search Console are pretty powerful tools for small businesses. Sure, they can be a little technical, but even getting to grips with the basics is highly useful. Make sure your website is connected and keep tabs on who is consuming your content and how they’re doing so.

Don’t underestimate the value of checking your in-platform analytics. Sounds geeky? Yes! But it’s also incredibly valuable to find out when your followers are most active, as well as audience demographics and what content they are loving or ignoring. Your analytics should inform your strategy.

Sunshine is a multi-faceted social media and comms agency. What our team doesn't know about social media isn’t worth knowing!

In addition to delivering cross-platform social content and design for our brilliant clients, we also offer bespoke training workshops to organisations who are keen to level-up their social game. From paid social and content strategy to video creation for TikTok or Instagram Reels, we can help you get to grips with the where, the why and, most importantly, the how of marketing to kick-start a fruitful social strategy that delivers every time.

If you’re looking for some extra support with your socials, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.