Is AI The Future of Marketing?

Is AI The Future of Marketing?

January 31, 2023

A few hundred years ago, workers were struggling to adapt to new technologies and manufacturing processes during the Industrial Revolution. Flash forward to the present day and we’re in a similar boat, confused by the rise of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing.

So, are we in the age of an AI Revolution? Here at Sunshine we consider ourselves social specialists, so it made sense for us to dive into the world of AI this year. Will it benefit our careers? Help us improve our work? Or, as some people say, make our jobs obsolete? 

There has been lots of chat online recently about ChatGPT, Poised, and other AI apps and softwares. ChatGPT is a trained language model which interacts in a conversational way and can give feedback, generate discussions, debate things, etc. Some schools have been banning its use and this has gotten people talking about whether education should be teaching the next generation about these new technologies. 

Poised is an app that uses AI to analyse your communication style by commenting on your speech patterns and facial expressions in real-time during virtual meetings. Many account managers are saying it’s a super useful tool to improve communication with clients, especially at the beginning stages when nerves could be hindering your potential!

Many Linkedin users have been promoting AI as a tool to unlock your marketing potential, which sounds like something we all want, right?! Haven’t we all wanted to accelerate those boring admin and data gathering tasks instead of having to do them manually? In the digital world, we’re faced with so much data and information on a daily basis that it can be overwhelming. If we could use AI to help us process this information faster and better, maybe we could focus on embracing the more creative side of marketing and see AI as a collaborator rather than a competitor. 

And fear not! The best marketing campaigns and ads are always ones that connect with people on an emotional level (read our Christmas Ads blog post 👀) so we shouldn’t be alarmed by the help of AI in the workplace. Just like in most jobs, we will always need human touch and human emotion to properly connect with customers and communities. 

In the spirit of understanding how to use these tools rather than resisting them, some of our team will be taking a part in the Web3 Agency Mastermind Training Course with Cactus this year. We’re hoping to find out more about the value it can bring to our work in 2023 and we can’t wait to tell you more about it!