4 quick tips to up your <em>Insta game</em>

4 quick tips to up your Insta game

February 20, 2018

As everyone knows, Instagram is one of the most valuable social media apps.

The photo and video sharing platform is one of the largest, most powerful social media platforms on the planet – and who doesn't enjoy tapping through Instagram Stories?

The competition to have a desirable, ‘follow-worthy’ Instagram can be challenging for the best of us. Boasting over one billion users worldwide, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. Having a relevant, purposeful profile isn't just for your average person – businesses and influencers get great interactions on the gram.

So, if you’re concerned that your content may be a little lacking, your engagement dry, or you’re just finding it hard to get the recognition you feel you deserve... well, keep on reading! Here are some quick tips on how to grow and improve your Instagram game.

1. Consistency is key

If you’re looking to grow your page, you’ve got to maintain consistency. This means putting out content on a regular basis and giving your followers the opportunity to engage with your posts and maximise the visibility of your profile.

Let’s be real, many of us feel we are too busy to have time to dedicate towards getting enough decent, relevant content, and this is when I say: “Well, make time!”. If you are serious about getting follower numbers up, plan your week ahead and allocate time towards getting some first class content for your page. Trust me, it really makes all the difference.

Top tip: Instagram stories, Instagram lives and IGTV are all brilliant way of staying relevant and connecting with your followers, without having to actually post on Instagram all the time. Followers love engaging in polls, Q&A’s and exciting conversational content!

2. Quality is crucial

Although putting out a generous amount of content is a vital factor towards gaining Instagram followers, the quality of your content is just as important, if not more.

You could be sharing content five days a week, but if these posts are undesirable, dull and shoddy, you’re going to struggle to see any growth in your Instagram.

It’s really important to take your time when capturing content and focus on getting good quality, genuinely exciting images that will ultimately create a follow-worthy feed.

Top tip: The app ‘Plann’ allows you to see what an image or video would look like on your feed without actually having to post it. This is a super easy way of pre-planning your Instagram to ensure only the best content goes live.

3. Get to know your followers

Familiarising yourself with your Instagram followers is another great way of maximising your visibility, engagement and gaining followers. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to get to know each and every follower, but with Instagram’s analytics tools, you’re served data such as your follower demographics and actions and content data and comparisons.

This means you get a better insight into what they are actually like as a person. Having access to these stats allows you to identify key factors such as what days and times posts should go live, what content is bringing you the best engagement, and even highlights the age, gender and location percentages of your followers.

These stats enable you to cater your content towards your specific followers and ensures your profile is getting maximum visibility and increases the chance of getting more engagement and followers.

Top Tip: Change your Instagram setting to ‘Business Profile’. This will allow you to access these all important stats so that you can get to know your followers!

4. Socialise

Being sociable on social media sounds pretty self explanatory right? But believe it or not, a lot of people get this step wrong.

Interacting with your followers AND non-followers can make a massive impact on the growth and engagement of your Instagram. By engaging with not only your own followers but with relevant pages, their followers and relevant hashtags, you’ve landed in a goldmine of potential followers!

Another brilliant way of driving engagement and gaining followers is to create conversation within your posts. Asking your followers questions or inviting them to tag a friend, is going to maximise your chances of getting more comments and profile visits from current and potential followers.

Top tip: Interact with as many relevant pages as you can and always keep it positive. Leave the moaning to Twitter!

If you’ve got any questions, comments or even feel like you could do with a hand with your Instagram page, don’t hesitate to drop us a message – that’s what we’re here for. Now, off you go and get snapping. All the best on your Instagram journey.