3 Food Brands That Are Killing It On Social Media

3 Food Brands That Are Killing It On Social Media

February 20, 2023

Our weekly Trendspotting, which you will have seen on Instagram Stories, has had a wee revamp for the new year! We’ll now be sharing two TikTok trends and one brand whose socials we’re loving that week.

This blog will focus on three food brands that we’re loving on TikTok at the moment and what we can all learn from them. We enjoy doing weekly Trendspotting because it helps us come up with reactive content for our clients. It also means we understand how best to use trends for companies rather than individuals, which is more relevant to our clients.


Everyone’s favourite UK chocolate brand, Cadbury, is fairly new to TikTok, but they have been impressing us already! Their content is really focused on what their audience wants. From delicious recipes to funny trending posts and seasonal announcements, we can see that reading follower comments is working for them. They are making sure to involve their audience by replying to suggestions and inviting people to tag their friends. We can’t wait to see what they do next!


Don’t try and deny it, you definitely ate Weetabix for breakfast growing up 👀 An absolute British classic! This brand has done a really good job of channelling that nostalgic energy into fun, modern content that people will remember and talk about. Their shocking Weetabix fish and chips recipe is only the beginning… They’ve really managed to embrace a creative energy to generate fun and engaging content. From trends to odd recipes and memes, their content is becoming more and more popular!

@weetabix_uk Fish & Chip Fridays never looked so good 😍 Skip the trip to the chippy and give this Fish and Bix recipe a go 🐟🍟 That's Friday night dinner sorted ✅ #FishandChips #FridayNightDinner #Weetabix #HaveYouHadYours #BreakfastInspiration #FoodTok ♬ Lounge Lizard - Mark Fabian & Alexander Smith & George King & RK Masters

Heinz UK

Beans on toast is quite controversial in our office – some love it, some hate it, BUT there’s no denying that it’s another British classic! Heinz have really embraced that controversial aspect and are sharing fun recipes and reactions to their ketchup crust pizza, for example. They are targeting a younger audience, such as students, through reactive trends, student recipes and funny branding. 

What we’re learning from all this is that successful brands on TikTok are keeping up with trends and creating reactive content to popular sounds or themes. Making fun of yourself is key to standing out from the crowd on TikTok, so our advice is to not take yourself too seriously. You’ll do great! 😉