3 Beauty Brands That Are Killing It On Social Media

3 Beauty Brands That Are Killing It On Social Media

March 10, 2023

As more and more celebrities launch their own makeup brands, the beauty and skincare industry is one to watch!

Rare Beauty

Selena Gomez is one of the most followed celebrities on social media, so it’s no surprise that her makeup brand has done so well online. Selena’s appearance in some of the videos definitely helps to reach more people, but the brand itself also comes across as very personable, using various employees as the face of the brand on TikTok. The brand clearly pays attention to their social media comments and adapts their strategy based on audience feedback and recommendations. Besides jumping on trends, this company is also popular because of its purposeful nature. They’re associated with the Rare Impact Fund in support of mental health services and make sure to highlight this connection on their TikTok account.

@rarebeauty Real ones are subscribed to texts 🫡 Sign up on RareBeauty.com! #rarebeauty #rarereminder ♬ original sound - .

The Ordinary

Don’t let The Ordinary’s polished (but perhaps slightly boring ) packaging fool you, their 🙊 socials are really fun! Although they mostly stick to their slick, ingredient-based brand image by sharing scientific facts about their products and ingredients, they also like to jump on trends and produce funny, entertaining content. With their participation in the ASMR community, sharing of product information and formulas, and advising on skincare routines, they stand out as an reliable and educational brand online.

@theordinary let’s talk #hydratingskincare real quick 😏💦 do you have a favourite? 🤍 #theordinary ♬ original sound - kaelinellis

Too Faced

Too Faced have mastered the art of making their brand more approachable and people-focused through the use of influencer marketing. Their campaigns with famous TikTokers promoting a specific product or range are super popular and have helped build and grow their brand identity. Their use of UGC (User-Generated Content) is really clever, and seeing the products being used by a range of people makes the products seem much more fun and interesting.

All of these (very different) beauty brands are doing well because they’re following their own tone of voice while still having fun on a less serious platform like TikTok that is catered to reactive content. Talk to your marketing team about how your brand can adapt to different platforms, or get in touch with Team Sunshine!